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America's Workers PAC


Making History

One Day At A Time

What is America's Workers PAC?

America's Worker's PAC is a Political Action Committee built from the ground up by and for working American's. Our goal is to support policies and candidates that will support the middle class and working families. We support candidates in election years through political advertising and social media outreach, and in non-election years by raising awareness and support of causes that will directly benefit America's Workers.

About The Founder and Executive Director

America's Workers PAC was founded by Brian Hensley in April, 2016 in response to the violent, hateful, and anti-American rhetoric coming from the republican nominee for president. Fearing a repeat of the disastrous George W. Bush presidency, Brian took action. In 2008, The great republican recession saw Brian's manufacturing job eliminated and his home and family put in jeopardy. He saw first hand how bad policy decisions affect the lives of everyday Americans and chose to take a path less traveled in order to gain a louder voice in the American political system. Brian studied comparative political and economic systems at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. and also Double Majored in Political Science and Social Studies at Eastern Michigan University, graduating with honors. Brian then ran for Michigan's State House of Representatives in 2012. He is an expert in public policy and management issues. During his career he has worked in finance, sales, marketing and education, and he is now taking his skill set into the political arena to affect positive change for the working class.

Election 2016

America's Worker's PAC proudly supports Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. Her experience in government is unrivaled. As first lady she passionately and bravely fought for affordable common sense health care reforms in the face of bitter anti-progress opposition. As A senator from New York she proved her leadership once again championing causes to make the lives of all Americans better. As Secretary of State she helped repair the damaged image of our nation abroad brought on by eight years of regressive and careless foreign policy. Despite the wild conspiracies of her opponents, she is the only candidate who can keep our country on the path to progress and prosperity. She knows our future is as bright as ever and has the expertise to deliver on her promises.

Paid for by America's Workers PAC and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.